Confident Concoctions | How to Build a Successful Hair Regimen
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How to Build a Successful Hair Regimen

How to Build a Successful Hair Regimen

Studies show that 60% of women have 4 products in their regimen to maintain their hairstyle. A successful regimen consist of monthly treatment, daily care, and bi-weekly care.


Major Points:
1. Being consistent with your hair products and use the recommended amount. Your hair should be saturated with product to get the “Real Results” you want.

2. No matter your hair goals, you products should improve or enhance your hair and scalp health within 8-12 weeks. To take your hair from NOW to WOW.

Monthly Treatments 🎯
1. Hot Oil Treatment is a must to seal in moisture in your hair.

2. Overnight intensive conditioning with a shower cap. Avoid excessive dry heat from blow dryers. The shower cap creates a greenhouse effect for the conditioner to penetrate strands.

(Bi) Weekly Cleanse📆
1. Try a Clay Mask to detoxify strands and unclog pores of hard water minerals, impurities and products build-up that can prevent key nutrients from penetrating scalp for growth.

2. Use sulfate-free mild shampoo or Co-Wash 💆🏿 to prevent stripping hair of its natural oil (sebum) and proteins.
For OILY hair, use Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate.

For DRY hair or locs, use Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, and Cocamidopropyl Betaine.
For NORMAL hair can use either above.

3. Always follow-up with an Intensive Conditioner, Rinse-Out and/or Leave-in Conditioner. The benefits are the added Conditioner lightly coats the hair to prevent static that creates knots, and snags that can lead to breakage.

Daily Maintenance 📊
1. Hydration is key! To maintaining moisture retention. You can drink 8 cups of water💧 as recommended. Or you can spray your hair with our  🥒Hydrating Mist. This is different from bottled water (pH 7) because it moisturizers your hair without later drying it out as it evaporates. Most importantly, Hydrating Mist keeps your hair in normal pH balance 4.5-5.5, so you don’t experience dryness.

2. Sealing in moisture with the LOC or LCO method. This is a personal preference.

L is for Liquid

O is Oil

C is for Cream

The purpose is to seal in the hydration you get from the liquid like water or Hydrating Mist. Creams help with moisture retention by prolonging water loss. Oil seals the cuticles to prevent the moisture from escaping.